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Not-So-Necessary Home Amenities-New-home features that have fallen out of favor

When the market was booming, buyers of new homes were spoiled and included a variety of luxury amenities in their must-haves for a new house. Post-market bust, consumers are sticking to the basics. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) surveyed members recently to find out what features they are most-often including in new projects. In the process, they discovered a few that have definitely fallen out of favor: two-story family rooms, sunrooms, outdoor fireplaces, and outdoor kitchens. “A lot of these are nice, but not make-or-break features that determine whether someone will buy a particular place,” says Stephen Melman of NAHB. “Consumers are asking: ‘Is this something I can cross out and still enjoy my new home?'” So which amenities are home buyers more likely to consider make-or-break features?

The top five on the NAHB list: • Laundry rooms • Walk-in closets • Energy-efficient windows, appliances and thermostats • Great rooms • High first-floor ceilings

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