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Preparing Your Home For Resale

Does your house have a room that could deter buyers because it desperately needs improvement? If so, this space, also known as the “blooper room,” might be the difference between a speedy sale and a lengthy period on the market, reports

Consider these common problem areas:

In an otherwise ideal home, a dated kitchen can be a significant buyer turn-off. However, spending thousands of dollars to renovate the entire space may not be necessary. Replacing dingy countertops or repainting dark cabinets in a lighter shade is an economical way to brighten up the decor.

A cramped laundry room is certainly not appealing. Remove all baskets and clothing for home showings. Add attractive open shelving to organize laundry supplies and hang up a laundry-themed poster or plaque.

Few buyers feel comfortable in a gloomy, musty-smelling basement or storage area. Painting the walls white and running a dehumidifier to improve the air quality should do the trick.

An unusually small room that leaves buyers wondering what to do with it can be considered wasted space. Be creative and try staging the room as a reading nook, an oversized storage space or a toy room for the kids.

No matter how thoughtfully designed, adark bedroom can bring buyers to a standstill. An absence of natural light – especially in a master bedroom – is a depressing sight, and the addition of poor artificial lighting can actually make the situation worse. Instead, try strategically placing mirrors to enhance existing sunlight and make the room feel more spacious.


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