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It’s important for your home to reflect your individual style, but when it comes time to sell, trendy styles could potentially turn home buyers away. Watch out for these three design trends that could slow your sale.

1. Bold Walls – Whether it’s a dining room painted royal purple or floral-patterned wallpaper in the kitchen, bold walls are seldom universally appealing. Buyers want neutral walls that they don’t have to make changes to right away.

2. Converted Rooms – People want to see rooms used for their original purpose. Buyers might not have the specific need you had, and the garage-turned-studio or extra bedroom that is now an office may not appeal to them.

3. Luxurious Outdoor Features – While the lush landscaping, outdoor living room and in-ground pool look like luxury to you, for others these upgrades could mean nothing more than high maintenance or even safety hazards. A simple yard may sell the best.

for more information on getting ready to sell please contact me. This is the perfect time to sell!

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