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A new year often means new projects and new updates to your house! But renovations are not for the faint of heart (or light of wallet). But you can save money on your remodel with these tips from

SHOP ON-LINE- This comes with plenty of risks – the product looking different than in the pictures, items arriving damaged, or unexpected shipping costs – but it certainly opens up your options.

ASK FOR A DISCOUNT- Talk to neighbors and friends to see if they want to go in on the purchase with you, and then ask the vendor for a volume discount. Sometimes offering to pay cash can score you a discount as well.

DO IT YOURSELF- If you are handy and have the right tools, you may be able to tackle some or even all of a project yourself. (A contractor could put up drywall, and then you could do the sanding and painting.)

BE FLEXIBLE- Keep your options open. Stores often sell discontinued or overstocked lines at a significant discount. You can also try your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore retail outlet.

These are just a few ideas for inexpensive updates & renovations. If you are thinking about updating your home to sell please call and I’ll come over to give you ideas on what upgrades, renovations, or remodeling that give you the best return.

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